Welcome to Dungeness class!

Welcome to year 4 Dungeness class home page

Class Teachers:

Mrs Haste & Mrs Cakebread

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Slingsby & Miss Walker-Rhind

For the year 4 curriculum overview, latest newsletter and home learning grid, please refer to the bottom of this page.

Highlights of term 2!

The newspaper bridge challenge

Having spent time at Dover Girl’s Grammar school, Henry and Sunni introduced us to the bridge challenge, which they undertaken as part of their learning. The task was to build a bridge, using only a newspaper and 2 metres of Sellotape, that could withstand the most amount of weight. 

The children thought hard about their designs, and worked in teams to problem solve…


…The finished bridges


And the winning design went to Sophie, Ruby-Leigh, Evie, Isla and Lily H, their bridge withstood an amazing 2.4kg!

Well done girls!

Mini football tournament 

On Friday 17th November, Archie, Karolina, Lily H, Honey, Jensen and Ethan from Year 4 played in a football match against children from the three schools in our collaboration. All children played brilliantly, had a fantastic spirit and were great sports men and women. We even managed to come joint first! Well done to all of the children who played and the rest of the children in Year 4 for supporting their classmates.

Our focus for Science this term has been sound

We have been learning that sound is a type of energy caused by vibrations. We have learnt how different parts of our ears work in combination with our brain to interpret these vibrations as sound.

We have been using our presentation skills to explain to our classmates what sound is


Using musical instruments to aid our learning, we have investigated what high and low pitch is and how pitch differs to volume.


Highlights of term 1

End of term celebrations!!

Dungeness class had the highest attendance – we celebrated with pizza!


Well done year 4!

We have been learning about the properties of shapes

In maths, we have investigated the properties of shapes. We have learnt about what symmetry is and the types of angles and sides that define shapes. We took our learning outdoors, to spot the basic shapes that form a part of everyday objects that we might see. 




In science, we have learnt about the importance electricity has in our lives. We investigated what insulators and conductors are, and have enjoyed learning about the requirements of an electrical circuit then making our own!


The Romans

Our focus in history this term has been the Romans.

We have developed upon our skills in using an atlas, and have identified the location of Roman roads.

After having learnt about the structure of Roman roads, we had a go at building our own!